Soft Network ∞ Kite

Broadway, NYC, December 1, 2021

Kite, ziŋtkátȟó, wíhiyayela (bluebird, time), China silk, silk chiffon, embroidery thread, glass beads, From Everything I Say is True, Installation view, Broadway, December 1, 2021
Kite, wíŋyaŋ iktómi (spider woman), 2021, Installation view, Broadway Gallery, December 1, 2021.
Kite, uŋȟčéla wílečhala, for Nathan Young (Waxing Crescent Peyote Moon), 2019,
Silver thread and beads on black leather
Kite, éla wílečhala, for Nathan Young (Waxing Crescent Peyote Moon), 2019,
Silver thread and beads on black leather (Detail)
Kite, otakiya thehpi chapcheyazala (Black Currant Hide Manyfold), 2019
Kite, otakiya thehpi chapcheyazala (Black Currant Hide Manyfold), 2019 (detail)
Kite, Potential Transformation of Power, 2019
Kite, Potential Transformation of Power, 2019 (Detail)

End of the Season

S&S Corner Shop, Springs, NY,

November 1 – November 29, 2021

Installation view (Left to right): Tamar Siegfried Rosa Halpern, Louise Lawler and Jason Evans
Installation view (Left to right): Mariah Robertson, Kite, Yelena Yemchuk, Alison Knowles and Jason Nocito
Rosalind Schneider, Erotic Fantasy #1, 2021, Drawing on digital print
Rune Olsen, Beautiful Together, 2021, Acrylic, wood, metal rods on Chopping Board
Adriana Farmiga, North Star, 2021, Watercolor and graphite on Arches 140 cold pressed, 10.5 x 7 inches

Artist List: Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Jason Evans, Adriana Farmiga, Mónica Félix, Suzanne Kite, Alison Knowles, Jason Nocito, Rune Olsen, Julie Pochron, Mariah Robertson, Rosalind Schneider, Tamar Siegfried Rosa Halpern, Johannes VanDerBeek, Yelena Yemchuk

End of The Season is the second installation by Soft Network with S&S Corner Shop. Work by fourteen artists includes paintings, photography, prints, sculpture and mixed-media collage. The exhibition is titled after a 2020 film by Jason Evans depicting mushroom pickers in Oregon looking for the fall’s last matsutakes. Evans’ contribution to the show is a photograph from this project which shows an anthropomorphic pile of mushrooms revealed by a central aperture, the object a recollection of experience and form inspired by the temporary housing constructed by the foragers.

Other artworks in the exhibition such as large-scale paintings with tangled depths of pigment and image by Tamar Siegfried Rosa Halpern, an erotic drawing of a river by Rosalind Schneider, a collage of a female figure romantically entangled with a bird by Yelena Yemchuk, a photograph hung outside the gallery by Mónica Félix of women wading in water that she captured from the first moving picture with sound made in Puerto Rico, and a vibrant splash of verdant photographic chemistry collected in a unique color print by Mariah Robertson also evoke the temporal layers of change in seasonal transitions through their references to movement. 

Adriana Farmiga’s intimate geographical “state” paintings and watercolors depict tender arrangements of objects collected from her travel, study and studio. Suzanne Kite’s holographic ink screen-print of her weaving of the night sky uses a mechanical process to reiterate her original hand rendering as a manifestation of memory. Rune Olsen’s delicate works combine quotidian objects such as a cutting board with fantastical adornments, presenting a tangible memory of place arising from an unexpected surface. A print by Alison Knowles functions similarly. She describes the piece as, “The image in the edition Being With Paper (1/21/21) is an enlargement of the underside of a paper work made from my shoe in the mid 1990’s. At that time I was using linen paper pulp with lentils to make a 3D object from my own shoes. Today, this work is my evidence of being with paper.”

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili’s Polaroids of peonies made during quarantine and Johannes VanDerBeek’s uplifting painted steel and plaster sculpture offer very different tributes to the tradition of memento mori. Jason Nocito’s image of the last puddle he photographed before leaving Los Angeles to return to his home in New York City transposes a fleeting microcosm of wet, abstract depth into one of his carefully crafted pictures of dirty puddles he’s been making since 2011. In a similar play with scale, the clouds in Julie Pochron’s Polaroids of the Mexico coastline are at once expansive as the sky yet able to be held close.

End of the Season is a tribute to the push of a cooler fall wind, the early setting of the sun and a softening of light that reveals soaked and saturated purples, greys, greens, yellows and blues of a nature that is collectively imagined – fleeting, volatile and loved. As birds migrate and stones settle in for the season in the dampness in which fungi thrive, do we look to the earth or each other for comfort? If our attention shifts along the ground, water and sky, might we be better prepared to stay in place, reflect and respond, and make space for the flowers to return again?

Soft Network ∞ Arts Center at Duck Creek

Soft Network presents 


Woman/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc. Meeting in Maria Lassnig Studio, 1973. From Left: Martha Edelheit, Doris Chase, Carolee Schneemann, Maria Lassnig, Rosalind Schneider, Silvianna Goldsmith, Nancy Kendall, Susan Brockman. Photo Credit: Henry Edelheit MD. Courtesy Martha Edelheit.

Saturday September 25th, 7pm

The Arts Center at Duck Creek

127 Squaw Road, Springs, New York 11937 

Women Artist Filmmakers was established in 1974 to discover, support and celebrate women artists who make films. This screening commemorates their series for the 1975 exhibition “Woman Artists Here and Now” which opened August 23, 1975 at Ashawagh Hall in Springs. Organized by Rosalind Schneider, founder of Women Artist Filmmakers and Martha Edelheit, one of the original members, with Soft Network.

Selfportrait (Maria Lassnig, Austria/USA, 1971, 5 min) Courtesy Six Pack Films

Lil Picard, Art Is a Party (Silvianna Goldsmith, USA, 1975, 13 min) Courtesy Filmmakers Coop

Sno-White (Crimson) (Martha Edelheit, USA, 1973, 7 min) Courtesy the Artist and Filmmakers Coop

Plumb Line (Carolee Schneemann), USA, 1968-71, 14 min) Courtesy EAI and the Carolee Schneemann Foundation

Depot (Susan Brockman, USA, 1975, 10 min) Courtesy the Estate of Susan Brockman

Circles II (Doris Chase, USA, 1972, 14 min) Courtesy Filmmakers Coop

Wings of Thought (Olga Spiegel, USA, 1976, 9 min) Courtesy the Artist

Parallax (Rosalind Schneider, USA, 1973, 21 min) Courtesy the Artist and Filmmakers Coop

Still from Rosalind Schneider, Parallax, 1973. 
Courtesy Rosalind Schneider (top) 

Interior Scroll


What I Did on My Vacation

A Multi-Venue Program Organized by Soft Network

Halsey McKay, East Hampton, May 28 – July 26, 2021

S&S Corner Shop, The Art Building, Springs, July 24- September 26, 2021

Broadway, 373 Broadway, Tribeca, NYC, August 5 – August 27, 2021, July 13 – August 23, 2021, Organized with Jason Evans

Arts Center at Duck Creek, August 22, 2021, Organized with Martha Edelheit and Rosalind Schneider

Press: The New Yorker and The East Hampton Star

Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel with Soft Network
Women Artists Here and Now (1975/2021)
Re-issue of poster originally printed for exhibition, performance and film event organized by Semmel and Kozloff with Martha Edelheit and Women/Artists, Filmmakers at Ashawagh Hall, Springs, NY, August 24 – September 1, 1975
15 x 10 inches
Silkscreen on poster board
Open Edition

Taking its title from both the extraordinary Carolee Schneemann performance that was first staged at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton on August 29, 1975 as part of Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel’s radical feminist exhibition entitled Women Artists Here and Now and a series of happenings organized by Allan Kaprow in 1967 throughout the Hamptons for CBS’s historic news program Eye on New York, Soft Network’s summer project gathers artwork, ephemera and a moving-image program from a group of intergenerational artists in a sprawling, visual poem on mediation and re-mediation.

Exhibitions and screenings span S&S Corner Shop, Springs; Broadway, Tribeca; Halsey McKay, East Hampton; Metrograph Cinema online; and the Arts Center at Duck Creek, Springs. Organized as a searching scroll of performance and correspondence, the project considers the fractured boundary between private and public as an endless conveyance of self, sometimes to no one and sometimes to many. Artists depicting other artists or their own personages, correspondence reflective of one’s community and performance residuals convey the crucial role of communication and the record left after. Artworks chosen represent an expansive view of performance for the camera and look at the complicated, yet integral role archival actions take in preserving the artistic interchange of fleeting, corporeal based work as well as artist networks. 

A six-part film and video program co-programmed by Soft Network and Jason Evans for Metrograph online called Artists on Camera: 1967-2021 runs through August 23rd and concludes with a live screening at the Arts Center of Duck Creek in Springs on August 22nd. Programmed by Rosalind Schneider and Martha Edelheit of Women/Artist/Filmmakers, Inc. a female experimental film collective founded in the 1970s, the final series includes several titles from the 1975 art and performance week Women Artists Here and Now.

Video Still from “What I Did on My Vacation: Allan Kaprow’s “Happenings” in the Hamptons” by Gordon Hyatt For CBS “Eye On New York” 1966, Aired WCBS on Sunday, September 11, 1966.

Soft Network ∞ Halsey McKay

Sari Dienes, Peekaboo, 1955, Mixed Media Assemblage, 26 x 23.5 x 3.5 inches, Courtesy Sari Dienes Foundation and Pavel Zoubok Fine Art

Halsey McKay: Up To and Including Her Limits

May 28 – July 26, 2021

Sari Dienes 

Carolee Schneemann 

Sara VanDerBeek

Soft Network ∞ S&S Corner Shop

Ray Johnson, How to Draw a John Waters, Courtesy Estate of Stan VanDerBeek, Copyright Ray Johnson Estate

S&S Corner Shop, The Art Building, Springs, July 24- September 26, 2021

Lucas Blalock

Travis Boyer

Sarah Charlesworth

Sari Dienes 

Moyra Davey

Martha Edelheit

Mónica Félix

Lilah Friedland

Li Harris & Alisha B. Wormsley

Ray Johnson

Joan Jonas

Allan Kaprow

Matt Keegan

Klaus Kertess 

Joyce Kozloff

Shigeko Kubota

Louise Lawler 

Steve Locke

Juanita McNeely

Kamau Amu Patton 

Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Dorothea Rockburne

Joan Semmel

Carolee Schneemann

Cindy Sherman

Gwen Smith The Black Woman Project 

Anita Steckel

Johanna Vanderbeek

Stan VanDerBeek with Elaine Summers

Ryan Wallace

Betty Woodman

Francesca Woodman

George Woodman

Martha Edelheit, Elizabeth Taylor Masked, 1963, Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper, 9 x 11 7/8 inches. Courtesy Eric Firestone Gallery.

Soft Network ∞ Broadway

Anita Steckel, [Untitled] Duchamp Series (Rrose Sélavy), c. 1998-2005, Pencil and photo collage on paper, 24 x 18 in., photograph: Adria Davis, ©Estate of Anita Steckel. Courtesy Rachel Middleman.

Broadway, NYC, 373 Broadway, Tribeca, NYC, August 5 – August 27, 2021

Alvin Baltrop 

Sarah Charlesworth 

Sari Dienes 

Andrea Fraser & Jeff Preiss

Robin Graubard 


Kite & Alisha B. Wormsley

Alison Knowles 

Stan Lathan

Juanita McNeely 

Ryan Muller & B. Wurtz 

Adam Putnam

Carolee Schneemann  

Anita Steckel

Alisha B. Wormsley

Juanita McNeely, Lynn Working, 1984, Oil on linen, 48 x 40 inches, Courtesy the Artist and James Fuentes.
Review by Johanna Fatemen in The New Yorker, August 22, 2021

Soft Network ∞ Metrograph

Still from with it which it as it if it is to be, Part II (Eve Fowler, USA, 2019, 31 min)

Soft Network presents Artists on Camera, 1967-2020 for Metrograph online, July 13 – August 23rd,

Programmed with Jason Evans

Program 1 – In the Studio

Anne Truitt, Working (Jem Cohen, USA, 2009, 13 min)

Enigmatic Whisper (Rosa Barba, USA, 2017, 8 min)

What Means Something (Ben Rivers, UK, 2015, 66 min) 

You She Smile Goodbye Remember (Gillian Garcia, USA, 2020, 13 min)

Howardena Pindell (Hermine Freed, USA, 1972, 16 min)

Program 2 – Portraits

The Ancestors Came (Cecile Emeke, USA, 2017, 6 min)

I’ll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You’ll Become

(Sky Hopinka, USA, 2016, 12 min) 

Ishmael in the Garden: A Portrait of Ishmael Houston-Jones (Adam Pendleton, USA, 2018, 24 min) 

with it which it as it if it is to be, Part II (Eve Fowler, USA, 2019, 31 min)

Jane Brakhage (Barbara Hammer, USA, 1975, 9 min) 

Sexual Healing (Shigeko Kubota, USA, 1998, 4 min)

Program 3 – In Dialogue

One Day Pina Asked… (Chantal Akerman, France/Belgium, 1989, 57 min)

Hemlock Forest (Moyra Davey, USA, 2016, 41 min)

Program 4 – Together

Vivian’s Garden (Rosalind Nashashibi, UK, 2017, 30 min)

Dream City (Ulysses Jenkins, USA, 1983, 5 min)

Listen To This (Tom Rubnitz & David Wojnarowicz, USA, 1992, 16 min) 

Hello from Bertha (Mark Morrisroe, USA, 1983, 17 min)

Endless Possibilities: Jack Waters and Peter Cramer (MM Serra, USA, 2021, 16 min) 

Children of NAN: Search for the Mother (Alisha B. Wormsley, USA, 2018, 39 min)

Program 5 – Streets & Meadows

Meadows Green (DeeDee Halleck & George Griffin, USA, 1975, 23 min) 

Festival of Mask (Don Amis, USA, 1982, 25 min)

Songdelay (Joan Jonas, USA, 1973, 19 min)

Murals of Aztlán: The Street Painters of East Los Angeles (James Tartan, USA, 1981, 23 min) 

The Town I Live In (Guadalupe Rosales & Matt Wolf, USA, 2017, 10 min)

Shopping Bag Spirits And Freeway Fetishes: Reflections On Ritual Space

(Barbara McCullough, 1981)

Program 6 – Woman/Artist/Filmmakers, Curated by Martha Edelheit and Rosalind Schneider

Selfportrait (Maria Lassnig, Austria/USA, 1971, 5 min) 

Lil Picard, Art Is a Party (Silvianna Goldsmith, USA, 1975, 13 min)

Sno-White (Crimson) (Martha Edelheit, USA, 1973, 7 min)

Plumb Line (Carolee Schneemann, USA, 1968-71, 14 min)

Depot (Susan Brockman, USA, 1975, 10 min)

Circles II (Doris Chase, USA, 1972, 14 min) 

Wings of Thought (Olga Spiegel, USA, 1976, 9 min)

Parallax (Rosalind Schneider, USA, 1973, 21 min)

Soft Network ∞ Rachel Comey

Anya Kielar, Gem Cuff, 2021, Metal base, repurposed beads, paper clay, copper metallic leaf

Soft Network, Rachel Comey, Soho, June 10, 2021

The transformative work of feminist artists operating in Soho and the East End and the various methods of processing through image, form and text as realized by these and the larger group of participating artists frames this sprawling, visual poem on mediation and remediation. 

For the Rachel Comey Soho location, opening on June 10th, photographs, jewelry, books, prints, videos and sculpture will be featured within Comey’s most recent collection. Artists include: Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Mónica Félix, Lilah Friedland, Tamar Siegfried Rosa Halpern, Anya Kielar, Miranda Lichtenstein, Judy Noe, Julie Pochron, Gwen Smith, Anita Steckel, Sara VanDerBeek and Yelena Yemchuk. Ephemera and Posters by Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel as well the estate of Anita Steckel will also be presented. New Soft Network Editions with Gwen Smith Black Woman Project, Joyce Kozloff and Joan Semmel as well as others will be launched at the event. 

Two short films will be screened at the event: Martha Edelheit’s 1977 film, Hats, Bottles, and Bones: A Portrait of Sari Dienes (22 minutes) and Carolee Schneemann’s 1995 film Interior Scroll – The Cave 1975-1995 (7:31 min.)

Following the film there will be a brief discussion. Participants include Rachel Churner, Director, Carolee Schneemann Foundation; Martha Edelheit, Artist; Lilah Friedland, Artist; and Barbara Pollitt, Curator, Sari Dienes Foundation

Soft Network at Rachel Comey, Soho. Post-screening discussion (L-R) with Martha Edelheit, Artist; Lilah Friedland, Artist; Rachel Churner, Director, Carolee Schneemann Foundation; Barbara Pollitt, Curator, Sari Dienes Foundation; and Rosalind Schneider, Artist.
Copyright Soft Network and speakers.
Gwen Smith, Grace Jones, 2020
Silkscreen on 100% Cotton French Paper. Painting No. 76 From The Black Woman Project (Vol. 2).
Includes 4 x 6 inch archival selfie from May 31, 2020.
19 x 13 inches, framed, Edition 1 of 10, 2APs

Soft Network, Rachel Comey, Cobble Hill, April 18, 2021

Artworks and Publications by:

Anya Kielar

Gwen Smith

Sara VanDerBeek

Lau Wai

Yelena Yemchuk

Soft Network ∞ Altman Siegel

Altman Siegel Online Viewing Room January 26-March 13, 2021

About Soft Network

Soft Network is a cooperative platform established by Chelsea Spengemann and Sara VanDerBeek for connective arts programming. We work between past and present to explore ways in which the archive and archival interactions can become integral modes of exchange, collaboration, creativity and commerce. Soft Network’s mission is to provide opportunities for living artists and the representatives of non-living artists to support each other through sharing resources, labor and profits by generating new projects in collaboration with existing platforms. Projects will be available to view during regular business hours of the exhibition space or by appointment. All artworks are available for immediate purchase at the exhibition space and in certain instances online via our partners.

In Soft Network’s online store with Rachel Comey, items are organized into various sections that are periodically updated. A dream archive of sorts, this collection of artwork, publications, special editions and ephemera grows out of Soft Network’s interest in process and dialogue between practitioners and their inspirations. Soft Network’s presentations will be ongoing, accumulative and intergenerational.

In addition to Rachel Comey, Soft Network’s collaborators include Pochron Studios, Brooklyn; S&S, Springs; Wolfy Part II, Tivoli, NY; Metrograph, NY; Halsey McKay, East Hampton; Broadway, NY; ArtFizz Projects; Parrish Art Museum Store; Registrars Group LLC, NY; and many individuals.


Chelsea Spengemann

Sara VanDerBeek

37 Van Dyke St., Brooklyn NY 11231